Motivation Monday – Week 18

Be Brave. Takes Risk.   Travel takes bravery. Whether it is moving to the other side of the world, visiting a 3rd world country, or a country where they speak another language all require stepping out of your comfort zone. There is always an element of risk – but where is the fun in sticking with what you know and not opening your eyes to the world? The life-changing experiences you will have will definitely over-rule any worries you will encounter.

Where To Eat In Whistler, Canada

Where to eat in Whistler



After a year of living in Whistler,  and dining out a LOT (probably too much!) here is a compiled list of my top must-try places to eat!



Top for Cheap Eats (under $15)



1/ El Furniture Warehouse (aka El Furnies)

$4.95 meals. All day/ Errrryday. Need I say more?


el fernies


2/ Fuji Market

Whistler’s best value sushi, hands down whether you dine in our take out. The restaurant feels like you are in a  cozy eatery in the middle of a traditional Japanese village. My favourite interior of a restaurant in Whistler by far!


3/ Creekbread

For Whistlers most incredible pizza, head to Creekbread down in Creekside. Natural pizzas baked in a wood fired oven, perfect for a warm meal after a day in the snow.


4/ Splitz Grill

Splitz is home to the biggest, best burgers Whistler has to offer. If you ever need a greasy hangover cure – Splitz is your place! It makes my mouth water just reminiscing…



5/ Ingrids

More of a take out cafe (although there a couple of tables inside) Ingrids is your best bet for a delicious wrap or sandwich made to your liking. An extensive bakery/cafe menu, and well priced – for Whistler at least!




Top for Mid Range ($15-25)



1/ Dubh Linn Gate

A little slice of Ireland in Whistler… who also do the best ever Sunday Roasts that I have ever had! Try get down there one evening when Ruckus Deluxe is playing – a former Cirque du Soleil lead singer, plus a Grammy nominated violinist equals bliss to your ears. Try not to get up and dance to their unique twist on all the songs you know and love!


dubh linn gate


2/ Merlins

If you need a reason to go to Merlins, their Nachos are the perfect excuse. Literally a tower that even four people struggle to get through! They also have some really great live music coming through.


3/ Blacks Pub

Their menu is extensive, but the best part of Blacks Pub is their Winter Warmers menu of Mulled Wine, Spiced Butter Rum, and Hot Toddies to name a few!


4/ Stonesedge

A new restaurant to Whistler, just opening in Summer 2014. They have a really pretty outdoor seating area, serve HUGE ciders and their Falafal bites are to die for.




Top for High-End  ($25+)



1/ Bearfoot Bistro

Impeccable service, incredible food, and good enough for Justin Beiber’s manager Scooter Braun to have his reception there. Still sour I didn’t run into them or Ed Sheeran.


2/ Araxi

Specializing in seafood, Araxi is one of the most swanky restaurants Whistler has on offer. If you can go when they have their 5 course special on – do it. It was one of the most amazing meals of my life!


3/ Table Nineteen Lakeside Eatery

The restaurant out at Nicklaus North golf course offers the most superb 4 course fondue menu over the winter, with scenic views over the golf courses.



Nicklaus North



This post has been one of the hardest posts I have ever written because I am now craving all of this food that is on the other side of the world! It really is crazy to think I have eaten at all these places at least once plus another 15 or so more within a year, how things have changed living back in New Zealand! If you are lucky enough to be going over to Whistler soon, make sure you try out as many of these places as you can! You won’t be disappointed 🙂


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